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Demo TUPE Peer Health Advocates

DEMO Red Ribbon Week 2021
Flier for Red Ribbon week activities
World No Tobacco Day 2021
World No Tobacco Day Announcement
Taking Care of The World By Taking Care of Ourselves!
Flier announcing virtual helath fair
Stress Management Poem
Slide wirh 5 poems
TUPE ANTI-Tobacco Poem
Slide with poem about not smoking or vaping
Need Help to Quit?
Information on California smokers hotline
Smoking & COVID
Informative flier on smoking and covid 19
LA Trust & LAUSD
LAUSD Wellness centers
TJHS Healthy Alternatives to Tobacco and Other Drugs Red Ribbon Week 2020 Word Art
Word art in the shape of a ribbon that displays healthy alternatives to drugs \\nand tobacco
Click to Join TUPE
Fluer for TUPE Program
Click to play: Game Pin-07892496
Flier for Escape the Vape competition
Red Ribbon Week Flier
Flyer announcing Bingo Party
Flier promoting take down tobacco event