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Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support

Student Expectations

As we are embarking on the new Academic School Year 2020-2021, we would like to inform you of the Jefferson Family of Learning Student Expectations for digital learning. Our School Wide Positive Behavior and Intervention Support Team collaboratively created a plan to cultivate a safe, healthy, welcoming, and affirming virtual learning spaces for our students. To ensure the success of all our students, teachers, parents and all stakeholders are asked to reinforce the following expectations:


Jefferson Family of Learning Student Expectations

Regular Attendance

Academic Excellence

Good Digital Citizenship

-Attend all Required Virtual -Instruction on time (i.e.: Zoom, Schoology Conference, Microsoft.)


-Communicate all absences to teachers and counselors (illness, doctor visits, etc.).


-Check online learning systems for daily updated assignments, check your email.



-Submit all assignments in a timely manner by assigned due dates.


-Participate fully in the virtual classroom.


-Be prepared with materials.


-Stay on topic and ask questions.


-Use of positive language

-Keep video on when requested.


-Appropriate online etiquette such as using respectful facial expression and body language.


-Honoring one voice; one speaker at a time and mute when not speaking.



We understand that there may be some challenging and uncontrollable circumstances that some of our students are facing right now that may cause them to behave in particular ways. Given high anxiety in such uncertain times, students need connection over correction, as above all, a sense of emotional safety and connections with teachers can be the driving force that motivates them to move beyond and grow.


We believe, in conjunction with your assistance and these guidelines that we can continue to support your child in being a safe, responsible and respectful digital citizen and help them achieve their academic and professional goals. Our priority is always to make sure that every student is provided a high quality first instruction whether it is in the classroom or online. We look forward to welcoming you and your child to the Demo Family on the first day of digital learning which is August 18, 2020.

What is School Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (SWPBIS)?  


Traditional models of school discipline tend to be reactive, often resulting in punitive consequences.  The District’s Discipline Foundation Policy represents a proactive approach, one that promotes appropriate student behavior and increased learning.  The key word is “approach.”  The policy provides direction for developing a comprehensive system of support – not a one size fits all program – tailored to individual needs within a school community.

What is Restorative Justice in Schools?

Restorative Justice is a “philosophy and approach to discipline that moves away from ensure accountability and break the cycle of retribution and violence” ( Alfed, 2010).

Principles of Restorative Justice provide the foundation at Jefferson High School to:

1. Acknowledge that relationships are essential to building a successful school community.

2. Build systems that address student misconduct and harm by strengthening relationships and focus on the harm done rather than focusing on the rule broken.

3. Utilize Restorative Practices schoolwide to manage behavior such as Community Building Circles, Restorative Conferences and Restorative Language.

a. Example of Affective “ I” statements- “ John, I feel concerned when I see you walking the halls.”